Does WebSockets work for hosted apps in

Apologies if I've missed documentation somewhere. When checking the network protos available WebSockets is always greyed out. The response to /info always has "WebSocket": false and we downgrade to xhr-streaming.

When running the shiny app locally in RStudio then WebSockets is fine.

There are a few bug reports regarding Connection headers and a few other ideas but are they relevant to the saas?

Update: Using RStudio and rsconnect I see

rsconnect::showProperties(appPath = getwd(), appName = "xxxx", account = "xxxxxx")
application.connect.injection.version 62
application.shiny.timeout.session 3600
application.shiny.websockets FALSE

However I haven't seen this in the dashboard, nor can I edit the property...

rsconnect::setProperty("application.shiny.websockets", TRUE, appPath = getwd(), appName = "xxxx", account = "xxxxx")
Error: HTTP 400
Unable to set read-only property.

Anyone know why this is disabled and seemingly uneditable?

It is disabled because does not support that protocol at this time. It is on our backlog, but we do not have an estimate for when support would be available.

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