Download old versions of R

This seems like it should be a simple thing to do, but I've been googling in circles for hours! I'm trying to download older versions of R so it will be compatible with packages I'm using. How do I use the .tar.gz files available from my CRAN mirror to do this?

My issue might be that I am unable to install Rtools but I'm not sure. I can provide any other necessary information, I'm just not sure what else would be useful to know.

I'm assuming you're on windows?

I'm not on Windows so can't confirm, but I just copied the address for the download link for 4.1.0 from the page below. I'd be surprised if altering the R version in the address doesn't do what you need.


(EDIT: There's also a link to download 'previous releases' at the bottom)

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Yes, I am running windows.

Your first idea didn't work out (changing the version in the .exe file) but the second link did work! Thanks so much for your help!

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