Downloaded latest version for Mac for a college class and receiving error....

Receiving an error when attempting to open: error reading r script (), system error 2 (No such file or directory); Unable to find libR.dylib in expected locations within R Home directory/Library/Framerworks/R.framerwork/Resources

Search and thee shall find: R studio for Mac

Got it thank you for sharing this for me!

OK I downloaded the version for my Mac - Big Sur, it downloaded I hit the package to get it going and it gives an error that just states can not install this software on this computer. Ideas?
I should add - my information is: MacBook Pro 2019/processor is a 2.4 8-core intel core i9. The page indicates it is for Big Sur but not for intel. Is this the reason? Weird as my computer is not ancient. But could be. If so which one do you recommend I try to get this rolling?

Yeah, you will need the High Sierra version, which is the first one on the list.

For the ARM version (R-4.1.1-arm64.pkg) it says:
Important: this version does NOT work on older Intel-based Macs.

OK, downloaded and software is now loaded and working. Thank you very much for your help and sharing your genius!

You are welcome. Enjoy R and please mark this as complete/solved, so other know not to look at it.

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