Downloading issues on windown 10

Hey guys, my computer sucks. Like first class POS, but it runs windows 10. I have to download RStudio for a class in university. It will download the installer, and I'll go through the set up properly, but it will just say download finished and leave it at that. No matter how much I comb through my computer or search it up, It won't show up.

I had the exact same problem when I had to download loggerpro, and I had to call and get access to the raw files (at least I think that's what it was), however I can't find anything like that for this software. I have a lab due on Friday and I'm totally freaking out, so any tips at all would be super appreciated.


So this is a question about web browsers...
What browser are you using ?

currently i'm using google chrome.

you paste this as the URL into Chrome browser to view the downloads


This is what comes up. I tried several times and every time it says its cancelled,

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