dpylr not available on this version of R

Hi there,

I am a university student who currently has a module on data skills and statistics. I purchased a 2020 MacBook Air last week after using R for windows my whole module.

I am doing some coding work now and when I try to open dpylr package it states that this is not available for this version of R (1.3.1093) and refers to a website to check if this package is available elsewhere. I’ll be honest - I don’t have a clue how/where to look or how I go about accessing dpylr. I’ve checked the website but I really don’t know what I’m looking for.

Any help/advice would be really appreciated. Thank you

You are confusing your RStudio version with your R version, they are not the same.

Anyways, we need more information to help you out, please post the command you are using to install dplyr and the complete error message you get.

Also, just to be sure, the package name is dplyr not dpylr so maybe you are just making a typo

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