Draw a figure using r

Dear all I am new in the community and very immature in R. Before I give up decided to join here at least will help me to get some step.
Well anybody have idea how can I draw the figure like this below.

Many thanks for assisting me.

Hi @Busse,

Given your self stated immaturity, I would highly recommend that you go here https://r4ds.had.co.nz and then go cover-to-cover incl. the exercises.

Its worth learning because such charts can be made.
with bars appearning stacked above and below with different labels.
r - Stacked Bar-chart with count above and below x-axis? - Stack Overflow

Tx Leon,
Well I also calculated the indexes and now need to draw the fig. All in all many thanks for the book I will read and excise
Have a great day

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