DTedit 2.2.3 fails if a data frame contains an int64 column

Warning: Error in methods::as: no method or default for coercing "logical" to "integer64"

It would be nice to get a fix for this since bigserial is common for db primary keys.

This is probably not the place for a pure bug report.
Perhaps look here jbryer/DTedit: Editable DataTables for shiny apps (github.com)

Bryer is not the maintainer.

Yes, he is, but he is not actively maintaining his package. I think you are referring to David Fong's fork of DTedit. In any case the proper place for filing an issue report is the GitHub repository for the package.

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That's right, the fork than mostly works, in contrast to the abandonware that doesn't work at all.

Instead of leaving a comment on a defunct git, maybe someone here has a good workaround?

Can you provide a short reprex to experiment with?

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