Duplicate a project of mine


I'm having a lot of fun with RStudio Cloud :grin: I know you cannot (currently) duplicate a workspace:

what about duplicating a single project? As explained here, other users can duplicate this project of mine:


But what if I want to duplicate it? Sure, I could setup a GitHub repo, commit it (paying attention to .gitignore the runs folder) and then pull it into another project. However, I'm mostly experimenting for now, and I don't feel like I need to setup a repository just for playing around with some code in my spare time. So, is there an easier way to duplicate my project?

You can actually create a copy of a space if you are an admin of the space. That feature (which Josh mentioned was on the roadmap) has been completed since the other thread.

I think you are asking more about copying a project that you have created. That currently is not supported. You could (and I know people do) process the project through github as you suggested.


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