Duplicate capability of function that captures quosure when called from another function that only has access to the string version of the expression.

In the below code, I would like to use a function that reads in an argument as a quosure (i.e. testFun), but do so from another function (i.e. testFun2). In the below, how can I get the output of testFun2("attitude$rating") to be identical to the output of testfun(attitude$rating).

If possible, I prefer to only modify testFun2 and not testFun. I am having trouble finding the right tidyeval recipe to do this, so any help is very much appreciated. Thanks!!

testFun = function(data = NULL) {

    # capture data as quosure
    dataQuo = rlang::enquo(data) ##capture as quosure to get env
    dataString = ifelse(is.null(data),NA,rlang::quo_name(dataQuo))

testFun2 = function(textString) {
  z = testFun(textString)

### I want the output from testFun2 (below)
### to be identical to the output of testFun (below)

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