Easy Customization of RStudio Connect Landing

I know I can create a custom landing page but I'm not much of a web developer and I don't mind most of the content the default landing page.

Is it possible to just edit the default landing to include a custom logo and tweak of some of the text?

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Hey @hansen_m! Unfortunately, I don't believe this is possible today. We have recorded your request in our internal tracking as a feature request, though! Thanks for the feedback!

You could always copy the examples/landing-page directory example and use that as the foundation for your own landing page tweaks! I have to admit I am unfamiliar with the example and how similar / dissimilar it might be to the default.

Hi @cole

Thanks for adding this as a feature request. It seems minor but the splash page is the user's first impression of the service and having some simple customization lets them know they are in the right place before they enter credentials.

In general, I'd just like something that is fairly basic, easy to maintain, looks nice on any browser or device, advertises the service features (because as a sysadmin, I have to sell it too!), and an easy place (like a site footer) to swap in simple things like organization/unit/project name, logo, legal statements, and a link for more information or support.

JupyterHub does this by overriding Jinja templates and RStudio Server has the login.html file. Neither are perfect but they do make my life a little easier without having to search for web developers.


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