Echart4R axis problem


I am currently working with a dataset composed of a series of two experiments of dna extraction : a first one and a second one optimized and I would like to represent it in 3D and interactively

I found the package Echart4R which seems veyr interesting even if they're still few people working with it

Then, I decided to plot my data with the example given for Bar 3D trying to apply it to my dataset.

Here's my code :



# Plot preparation 

    trans <- list(opacity = 0.4) # transparency
    emphasis <- list(itemStyle = list(color = "#313695"))

# Making the plot 

plot1<-dna_extraction_comparison |> 
  e_charts(Code) |>                                                                  # indique qu'on fait un plot echart en spécifiant l'abcisse X à utiliser 
  e_title("Optimization of dna extraction protocol comparison","Wilcowon paired test : p-value = 1.476e-05 **") |> # title
  e_bar_3d(Species, round.1, stack = "stack", name = " (1) Raw extraction ", itemStyle = trans, emphasis = emphasis) |>
  e_bar_3d(Species, Round.2, stack = "stack", name = " (2) Optimized extraction", itemStyle = trans, emphasis = emphasis) |> # Stack pour spécifier l'empilement des données

Here's my current result :

The plot correspond to each specimen included in the experiments two times, axis X and Y display the same information, each specimen having a taxinomix name and a sampling code

My interrogation is about the axis label :

I already searched but I do not find any solution for renaming my axis plot, it does not seems to be implemented for this kind of visualisation
isn't it ?

Is that possible to control what appears in the axis label, if I want to let appears more than 8 species written in the axis for example ?

Thanks in advance and wishing you a good day !

I have never used echarts, so I am making a tentative suggestion based on the documentation. If you want to change the name displayed for the x axis, I think you would add the code

e_x_axis(name = "Species")

There are many options for the axis listed at

I am not sure what you want to do in your second question. Do you want to change the text shown at the tick marks?

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(1) Thank you for that, I've seen already the documentation - Apache Echart but it's hard to understand without having doing Javascript once in his life, which is kind peculiar to have a documentation for a R package in another language

(2) I solution my problem keeping the same y-axis with poor information and choose to display species name while hovering on a measure. It's possible by simply adding another argument and a bit of Javascript.

e_tooltip(formatter = htmlwidgets::JS("
        return('Species: ' + params.value[1]) 

Thanks !

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