Econometrics for non linear model with endogeneity issues (initial conditions a la Wooldridge)

I´m trying to code a non linear model in order to estimate an ordinal outcome using Wooldridge initial conditions. I´m wondering wish one could be a proper function for that, considering;

  1. Dynamic model
  2. non observable endogeneity
  3. Initial random condition, specified by a conditional distribution. Independent from the dependent variable
  4. ordered outcome (corner solution)

Thank you
:slight_smile: Consuelo

You might use this, but only as a sanity check on your data after running it against one of the {wooldridge} datasets. This forum really isn't a hotbed of econometrics wisdom, however, and you might look for more specialized places to ask if you don't get more than I can give you here. There may be resources associated with this text.