Edit Lines in Dataset

Hi everyone,

do you know how i can change the names in the column "sex_upon_outcome" to "Male" and "Female" in order to check my hypothesis test if male animals have to stay longer in a shelter than femal animals:

dataset_1 <- read.csv(file = "aac_intakes_outcomes.csv")
dataset_1 <- subset(x = dataset_1,
                    select = c(dob_year,

tally(~sex_upon_outcome, dataset_1)
Intact Female   Intact Male Neutered Male          NULL Spayed Female 
         9308          9732         28293             1         25549 

I don't need the destinction of Intact, Neurered, Spayed oder Unknown.

Thank you in advance.

You can use fct_recode() frome forcats package with something like this

           Female = "Intact Female",
           Female = "Spayed Female",
           Male = "Intact Male",
           Male =  "Neutered Male")

Its not clear what you want to do with NULL and Unknown but you can follow the same logic

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