Embedding a selectInput (multiInput) in a modalDialog

I have added a actionButton to my sidebar:

sidebar <- dashboardSidebar(
  sidebarMenu(id = "tabs", 
  actionButton(inputId = "Filter", label = "Filter", icon = NULL)

And in server.R iI have the following lines:

  filterModal <- function() {
      span('Selecteer de gewenste dienst(en)'),
#      multiInput(inputId = plotDienst, label = "PlotDienst", choices = Diensten),
    footer = tagList(modalButton("Annuleer"),
                     actionButton("ok", "Pas toe"))

  observeEvent(input$Filter, {
  observeEvent(input$ok, {

This code dispays a modalDialog with a functional Cancel and actionButton.
When I uncomment the multiInput-line, Shiny aborts without showing an error.

My question is if it is possible to build a modalDialog with an embedded multiSelect?


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