Embedding Flip books inside Bookdown

Hello All ,

I am planning on developing Bookdown page along with Flipbook ( presentations ) and LearnR something similar to Reproducible Medical Research with R by Pter D.R.Higgins . Building site is https://rp2sas.netlify.app/ and I am trying to put this link "How to Use the across() function" , I tried different way but it is showing up . My question I have gone through Micro-flipbooks generating .Gif file to include with

Hello all ,

Tried like this too

[Flipbook Demo] : (https://flipbookdemo.netlify.app)

<!---FLIPBOOK EX 1-->

<iframe style="margin:0 auto; border: solid black;"  width="763" height="432" 
src= "https://github.com/tataphani/MINIFLIP/blob/main/across_microflip_1.html" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen loading="lazy" data-external = "1">


still not working

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