Embedding Open ended questions in learnr Tutorials

Hello. I am wondering if there is a way to create a text box for open-ended responses that does not require at least one correct answer that must be supplied? I am trying to embed an open-ended question in a tutorial and then after the students respond, I want to display an "ideal" response. thank you in advance for the help.

You should be able to just use a check function which always returns correct regardless of the input.

Edit: I suppose it matters too what the format of your tutorial is. Are you generally requiring correct completion before continuing?

Alternately, can't you just provide a solution chunk they could look at for the correct answer. Also, what do you mean by "open ended?" Are they meant to enter code or do you mean really open ended like slam poetry?

Thank you elmstedt for your help. I will try the check function. By an open-ended question I meant something like "Identify some questions that you might want to answer with this dataset." After the students enters their response, I want them to see some example questions.

@elmstedt - great idea to return a function that is always correct with the question_text() function. Do you have an example or one similar to this that you can share? thanks.

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