enable comments in RHandsonTable but disable context menu?

I want to add comments to my rhandsontable but I don't want to enable the context menu (that allows user to add and remove rows, edit comments, etc.). How can I do this?


vt <- mtcars
modrows <- c(3,6,9)
modtext <- LETTERS[1:3]
vttooltips <- matrix(ncol = ncol(vt), nrow = nrow(vt))
vttooltips[modrows, 2] <- modtext

              comments = vttooltips) %>% 
  hot_context_menu(allowRowEdit = FALSE, allowColEdit = FALSE, 
                   allowReadOnly = FALSE, allowComments = TRUE, 
                   allowCustomBorders = FALSE, customOpts = list())

Here's the solution, thank to @DzimitryM at

t <- rhandsontable(vt, 
              comments = vttooltips)
t$x$contextMenu <- list()

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