Enable F1 to render development documentation

Is there any trick to enable F1 keyboard shortcut in RStudio IDE to render development documentation for a function?

F1 by default show function help, but it does not seem to work for functions in package development using {devtools} and friends.

Given a well-formed package in development and a well-documented and exported function (say foo), after building {roxygen2} documentation (via devtools::document()) and the usual devtools::load_all workflow, F1 fails to show help for the current function call foo(). Yet, using ?foo in the console does work indeed and shows the nicely informative message i Rendering development documentation for "foo". But F1 only seems to work for fully installed packages (e.g. it works after installing the package in development using Ctrl+Shift+B).

Is there any easy trick to get F1 to work for functions in dev?, would that be rather a feature request for load_all() in devtools/pkgload packages?

I guess you can write a little package with an add-in calling help(current_fn) and then override the keyboard shortcut. But that seems to be error-prone and kinda of an overkill. So I thought there might be an easier way. Any ideas?

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