Enhancing shinyAce to be more like RStudio (function completion, function args, auto indenting, cursor placements)

The RStudio IDE uses the Ace editor and luckily for us R programmers Jeff, Vincent, and others have brought the functionality of Ace to R via shinyAce.

That being said it's likely possible to create a similar code writing experience to the RStudio IDE in shinyAce. Seeing as the RStudio IDE is open source, it should be not necessarily easy, but a good start creating something similar using shinyAce. I believe some of the code that would be relevant towards this is likely found here. Does anyone have any other recommendations or can point me in the direction of code that is important towards creating an RStudio like coding experience? I'm assuming it's all just JS code interacting with Ace, but is there something else happening that I'm not able to see yet?

Specifically things I'd like to add to shinyAce

# auto indenting pipes (shinyAce)
df <- iris %>%
# auto indenting pipes (RStudio)
df <- iris %>%
# this is likely just a snippet thing
# function completion cursor in function (shinyAce)
# function completion cursor in function (RStudio)
mutate(`cursor here`)
# code folding...no example
# function args (shinyAce)
# function args  (RStudio)
pivot_longer(data = ...)

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