Error: C stack usage 15922896 is too close to the limit

How can I solve; Error: C stack usage 15922896 is too close to the limit, while I am doing phylogenetic analysis of community data using Picante package to create NULL model randomizing 999 times

> library picante
tree4.phy<-read.csv("june2016.matrix.csv",sep=",",header = TRUE,row.names = 1) 
tree4.out<-pd(tree4.phy,tree4.phylotree,include.root = FALSE) 
tree4.mpd<-ses.mpd(tree4.phy,cophenetic(tree4.phylotree),runs = 999)*

**Error: C stack usage  15922896 is too close to the limit**

In Linux and macOS this typically arises from the operating system's settings that limit the amount of RAM that may be used. From the terminal

$ man bash

and use /ulimit to see the details.

Thank you Sir@technocrat, I am using Window 8 PC. I still can't solve the problem. Could you explain me more how to get ride of the error

I’m sorry that I cannot help with Windows. I have not had to contend with any of its deep parts since Windows NT, which has been some 25 years now.

Do you get the same error for fewer runs. How about 1 run ?

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