ERROR [cannot open URL '']

I used to use R and Rstudio on my laptop at home (Dell, XPS 15 9550, Windows 10). Up to now (R 4.0.2, not sure of the previous version of Rstudio) I have had no problems.
Today, after updating to R 4.2.0 and Rstudio 2022.02.3 Build 492, the problem occurred.

From RGui I can connect to CRAN and install the packages. The installed packages are also available from Rstudio. However, when I try to Install from Package pain on Rstudio, I get
Warning: unable to access index for repository
cannot open URL ''
and cannot install.

I have tried several times to change the mirror site and re-install R and Rstudio, but cannot solve the problem.

I'm not sure why I can install from RGui but not from RStudio.
I also tried temporarily turning off the firewall (Kaspersky Internet Security), but that did not solve the problem.

Thank you for your kind advise.

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