Error deploying app from Rstudio cloud to "Error:* reticulate is in use, but python was not specified"

I'm looking to deploy an app I've saved here: using rsconnect::deployApp(). However, I get the following:

> rsconnect::deployApp()
Preparing to deploy application...DONE
Uploading bundle for application: 638042...Error: 
* reticulate is in use, but python was not specified

This is surprising to me, as I'm not using reticulate anywhere in my app.

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Same problem... I'm deploying a shiny app but not using reticulate

But I guess one of the packages in your app has dependency on reticulate (maybe one of the functions in that package requires reticulate)

The solution is to install an older version of rsconnect:

devtools::install_github("rstudio/rsconnect", ref='737cd48')

I think it is possible to check get which dependencies are detected using rsconnect::appDependencies() . You'll see that way if you have a dependency on reticulate.

Actually, the above solution didn't work. Although the app can be uploaded, the app page wouldn't load.

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