Error during deploy shiny app

Do you also have a file code.r?

Yes to test my R script before to put in server part of my app.... but I excluded that code during deploy... I tryied also to move in another folder only file app.r and my data (in csv format)


Could you please enable the option rsconnect.error.trace and then deploy again and include the full log?

Josh, I put this options(rsconnect.error.trace = TRUE) in my app.R, deploy but I get the same message in the Deploy panel full log!

Preparing to deploy document...DONE

Uploading bundle for document: 360002...Errore:

  • Document depends on package "MASS" but it is not installed. Please

resolve before continuing.

Esecuzione interrotta

Please perform the deploy from the console with rsconnect::deployApp()

The fact that it says "deploy document", but you say that you have an app.R is very suspicious to me.

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Hi Josh, follow your indication, but get the same error

Preparing to deploy application...DONE

Uploading bundle for application: 360412...Error:

* Application depends on package "MASS" but it is not installed. Please resolve before continuing.

If you think can be useful i can copy all my code or attach app.r file and a sample of my data..


Ops, sorry.
Thank you


Yes please.
You can direct message me if you don't want to make it public.

Thank you Josh,

please change name of data file in dati

sorry , variables and comment are in Italian

Hi josh did you received the files???

I didn't receive any files.

Hi Josh,
did you get my app and data from the links i sent you ?



Got them. Was traveling yesterday, will take a look when I return to work Monday

Thank you very much...have good time!!

@Massimo66 I didn't have any issue deploying your app.R with the data file.
I did have issues running it, both locally and on

Warning: Error in dySeries: One or more of the specified series were not found. Valid series names are: ..1, ..2, ..5
  88: stop
  87: dySeries
  86: function_list[[i]]
  85: freduce
  84: _fseq
  83: eval
  82: eval
  80: %>%
  79: func [/Users/jss/Documents/rprojects/20180614/app.R#258]
  78: origRenderFunc
  77: output$dygraph
   1: runApp

Could you take a look at and see if that is relevant to your local setup?

Hi Josh
thank you very much for your answer....



I am currently having similar error, when I try to deploy my app to, although I have MASS library installed. Did you figure out how to overcome this issue?

Appreciate your advice!
Thank you
Karni Bedirian

Hi Karni....
I'm very sorry, I don't remember how i fixed the problem... I'm trying to looking for my notes hoping to find useful something to remind me.... in that case I will tell you...