Error during deploy shiny app



I didn't receive any files.


Hi Josh,
did you get my app and data from the links i sent you ?




Got them. Was traveling yesterday, will take a look when I return to work Monday


Thank you very much...have good time!!


@Massimo66 I didn't have any issue deploying your app.R with the data file.
I did have issues running it, both locally and on

Warning: Error in dySeries: One or more of the specified series were not found. Valid series names are: ..1, ..2, ..5
  88: stop
  87: dySeries
  86: function_list[[i]]
  85: freduce
  84: _fseq
  83: eval
  82: eval
  80: %>%
  79: func [/Users/jss/Documents/rprojects/20180614/app.R#258]
  78: origRenderFunc
  77: output$dygraph
   1: runApp

Could you take a look at and see if that is relevant to your local setup?


Hi Josh
thank you very much for your answer....




I am currently having similar error, when I try to deploy my app to, although I have MASS library installed. Did you figure out how to overcome this issue?

Appreciate your advice!
Thank you
Karni Bedirian


Hi Karni....
I'm very sorry, I don't remember how i fixed the problem... I'm trying to looking for my notes hoping to find useful something to remind me.... in that case I will tell you...




Hi Max,

Actually I followed the below site, which helped me to solve the problem!

Thank you anyways!
Best Regards,
Karni Bedirian