Error for Applying system fit in RSAIDS model (Import market analysis)

Good afternoon everybody
I have a problem with the applycation of System fit in an import market analysis for the application of the RSAIDS model. After imposing all the restrictions, to obtain the results i used the following function : fitsys <- systemfit(Eqsystem_all,
method = "SUR",
data = TABELLA,
restrict.matrix = restriction,
restrict.rhs = NULL)

but the system is signaling the following error
Error in .local(a, b, ...) :
cs_lu(A) failed: near-singular A (or out of memory)
Inoltre: Warning message:
In solve(..2dge(a), Matrix(b)) :
Exact singularity detected during LU decomposition: U[i,i]=0, i=117.

I don't know for what is due the error altough i controlled and checked all the procedures necessary that seemed correct with respect to the study of reference.

Thank you in advance

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