Error function applyTheme not found even though its there!

I get the "Error function not found error" as below even though I used rstudio intellisense to type it. I have reinstalled and loaded rstudioapi and sos.
So the function is there but rstudio refuses to admit it:

addTheme : function (themePath, apply = FALSE, force = FALSE, globally = FALSE)
applyTheme : function (name)


Error: Function applyTheme not found in RStudio
found 8 matches

Seems strange that it says not found in RStudio when I asked it to look in rstudioapi?

Any help please?

This means that your rstudioapi is newer than your RStudio. The applyTheme function is only present in the preview version of RStudio. You can get that here:

Thanks but I'm using Rstudio in a conda environment and so am limited to what Anaconda gives me which is R3.5.1 and Rstudio1.1.456.

I am puzzled that rstudioapi which is a long established package should have a function which is not available in pretty recent versions of R and Rstudio?

This is because we want folks to be able to try out the new features of the RStudio Preview with the rstudioapi (without having to install rstudioapi from a non-CRAN source).

I'm currently facing the same problem as rdsk, while I have installed the latest version of R and RStudio. Why is this function not available outside the preview modus?

The rstudioapi doesn't do much beside invoke functionality in the IDE (i.e. it doesn't actually know how to apply a theme; it just asks the IDE to do it). The ability to apply a theme from the API is something we added in RStudio 1.2, as part of the new custom themes feature. You can read about it here:

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