Error in[[i]], optional = TRUE) : cannot coerce class ‘"function"’ to a data.frame

Hello everyone
Please I am facing an error "Error in[[i]], optional = TRUE) :
cannot coerce class ‘"function"’ to a data.frame" in R studio while I am running below mentioned code:
data<-read.table("C:/Users/faryal malaika/Desktop/Data Finalized/data.csv",header = TRUE, sep =";", stringsAsFactors = FALSE)
data<-as.Date(data$DATA) = data.frame(date = date, x = data$x, y = data$y)

Please help me how to sort out this error. I have daily returns data naming columns, date, x and y.

Thanking you

This line


does not make sense to me. You replace the entire data data frame with one of its columns. Do you mean

data$DATA <- as.Date(data$DATA)

or maybe

data$DATE <- as.Date(data$DATE)

The next line would then be = data.frame(date = data$DATE, x = data$x, y = data$y)

though there are clearer ways to select three columns from a data framd.

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