Error in filter_impl(.data, quo) ?????

I'm tearing my hair out with this one. And it has rendered thousands of lines of code and a huge project unworkable for me.

The short version:
I try to run a filter() command in a tidyverse piped line of code and I get this . . .

Error in filter_impl(.data, quo) : object '_dplyr_filter_impl' not found

A bit of googling suggests it may be a conflict between dplyr and another package. In fact, the tidyverse load warnings confirm there is one. Here it is . . .

x dplyr::filter() masks stats::filter()

So, next I assume I need to specify that I want to use stats::filter() and install the 'conflicted' package to allow that to be done. All that results here is that it doesn't believe my data frame column exists

Error in filter(., isShot == 1 | isGoal == 1) : object 'isShot' not found

Back story:
I updated some packages. When I went to process some data I kept getting issues with summarise(), which was resulting data frames with thousands of lines where they should have been grouped into relatively few. I couldn't find a resolution to that, so I uninstalled the latest version of dplyr and went back to 0.8.5. All that resulted is that the issue changed to the one described above.

Any ideas, anyone? I feel I'm very deep down a rabbit hole here. Can anyone pull me out?

are you wanting to use stats::filter because you are doing Linear Filtering on a Time Series ? (rather than filtering a dataframe ) ?

if you could provide a reprex I'm hopeful we can fix your issue

it seems more likely to me that you want to use dplyr::filter, so you could try it that way

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