error in getSymbols(): download failed, HTTP error 404 __ (QUANTMOD)

Hi everyone, I am new in the community and it is a pleasure for me to be part of that.

I would ask you another kind of solution to the issue exposed at the following link, which was remain an open point in my opinion:

In that case, it was suggested to arrange the Ticker of a stock, but I would like to know if there is another solution to handle this kind of errors.

In particular I would like to handle that error through an IF STATEMENT where in case the retrieve of API gives back an error I will skip that Ticker.

Thank you so much guys

I believe your best approach would be making use of tryCatch()

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I've read a bit of the topic you sent me, it seems useful Nir.
Thank you, I would try it later.

For now thank you very much

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