Error in is_call: argument "expr" is missing, with no default


I have a issue and I don't know what to do. I looked for other some problems, but the solutions isn't work for me.
I try to roun my app but I get this error: argument "expr" is missing, with no default
Here is the code:

Casco_l = subset(Data,INSR_TYPE==3003)
ui = tagList(
      theme = "united",  # <--- To use a theme, uncomment this
      tabPanel("Casco 3003",
                 tags$h5("Deafult actionButton:"),
                 actionButton("action", "Search"),
                 selectInput("select", h3("Categorii"), 
                             choices = list("By Client Cathegory" = "CLIENT_TYPE", "By Client Type" = "Leasing",
                                            "By Agent Type" = "by_agent_type", "By Vehicle Cathegory" = "Vehicle_Cathegory",
                                            "By Brands Top 10 Cars"="top_10_cars","By Age Of Vehicle Car"="Car_age"),
                             selected = "CLIENT_TYPE"),
                 selectInput("select2",label = "Client Type",
                             choices = c ("Categorie_client")),
                 tags$h5("actionButton with CSS class:"),
                 actionButton("action2", "Action button", class = "btn-primary")
                   tabPanel("INSIS 3003",
                   tabPanel("Graphics", "This panel is intentionally left blank")
      tabPanel("CASCO 3008", "This panel is intentionally left blank"),
      tabPanel("CASCO 3004 - 3007", "This panel is intentionally left blank"),
      tabPanel("CASCO ALL","This panel is intentionally left blank")
server = function(input, output) {
    aggregated <- reactive({
    Casco_l %>%
      group_by_(input$select) %>%
      summarise("Exposure" = sum(Exposure), "Earned Premium" = sum(Earnend_Premium), ,"GWP" = sum(GWP_RON), "Incurred" = sum(inc),"NO of events" = sum(No_ev),
                "Frequency" = (sum(Exposure)/sum(No_ev)), "Loss Ratio" = (sum(Earnend_Premium)/sum(inc)),
                "ULR"= ((sum(Earnend_Premium)/sum(inc))*ulr), "Avr premium" = (sum(Earnend_Premium)/sum(Exposure)),
                "Avr claim" = ifelse((sum(No_ev)==0),0,(sum(inc)/sum(No_ev))) )

output$table1 <- renderDataTable({

shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)

If anybody knows, let me know.
Thank you.

It could be the double comma you have in your summarize

(though I get a different error message with my version of dplyr ("attempt to use zero-length variable name")

There shouldn't be an empty parameter there. Try removing one of the redundant commas.

Yes, it's seems that I was too tired. This is a obvious mistake. Thank you very much for your answer.

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