Error in optim(par = Tm1, fn = .logLgam, x = x) : object 'Tm1' not found

Hello Everyone,
Please I am new to R and Rstudio. I have successfully installed nsRFA package and have also used the MSClaio2008 function for model selection successfully for the examples given in their documentation. But when I try to run the model with my own it gives me this error:

*Error in optim(par = Tm1, fn = .logLgam, x = x) : object 'Tm1' not found*

I have surfed all topics on this platform and I couldn't find any similar or solution to the error above. Please I need help. See below, what i have tried:

data <- c(91,84,42,30,66,95,65,12,27,61,31,101,48,52,53,55,80,23,87,46,50,33,75,88,54,17,57,39,10,89 ,59,24,11,43,13,93,105,28,104,18,103,62,22,58,15,34,74,51,97,44,99,76,14,16,109,92,110,40,78,83,60,49,96,36,32,81,68,20,56,25,63,47,37,29,100,71,106,41,90,70,85,38,19,108,73,102,26,82,98,45,77,35,94,79,86,72,107,21,67,69,64)
MSC <- MSClaio2008(data)
Throws the error above.


I don't know the details of the algorithm, but when I checked the sample code, it used data that included a decimal point.

I added a small value as a test and it worked fine.


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