error in parse(text = x, keep.source = FALSE) : <text>:1:80: unexpected input

I hope that someone can help me with my problem.
I would like to multiply impute missing values into my data set. But when I enter the code

tempData <- mice(data,m=5,maxit=10,meth='pmm',seed=500)

, an error message appears.

Fehler in parse(text = x, keep.source = FALSE) :
:1:80: unerwartete Eingabe
1: eCoach ~ 0+QIDS_t0+QIDS_t1+WAI_C+WAI_P+TAI+AQoL+Alter+ModuleEr+Sex+ISCEDkat+GAD�

Where could the error be? Is the error in the data set? I have it imported from SPSS.

Thank you very much!


What sort of data are you trying to impute? Can you provide a reproducible example?

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I managed to solve my problem :partying_face:
r had problems with one of my variables, it was GAD.

After I copied this variable in spss and reimported the dataset the mice-code worked well.
Maybe it'll help somebody :relaxed:

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