Error in pretty.default / .internal(pretty)

Hi all,

I am getting errors when I am importing data / want to few a dataset.
For the first I get this error: 7 arguments passed to .Internal(pretty) which required 8

For the second I get this error:
Error in pretty.default(range(x), n = breaks, min.n = 1) :
7 arguments passed to .Internal(pretty) which requires 8

Does anyone know how to solve these errors?


Can you share example data and code that leads to this behavior? You can use dput() to share data, and see here for advice on building a reproducible example.

If it happens at startup, it could also suggest a conflict between several installed versions of R, can you clarify what operating system you are using, and if you recently (re-) installed R or RStudio?

Dear Alexis,
Thank you for your response! I figured that it indeed had something to do with conflicting R versions. I have deinstalled R and then installed the newest version. It problem has now been solved.

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