Error in STR_view_all - could not find function "str_view_all"

When I run the code below, I get the error in the title. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing Rstudio and R multiple times. Htmlwidget has been

s <- c("70\"",       "5 ft\"",     "4\'11",     "\"\"",         "\".\"",        "\"Six feet\"")
pattern <- \\\d
str_view_all(s, pattern)

str_view_all() is a function in the stringr package. Is that loaded? Please see:

Maybe this is what you are trying to do

s <- c("70\"",       "5 ft\"",     "4\'11",     "\"\"",         "\".\"",        "\"Six feet\"")
pattern <- "\\d" # This matches any digit
str_view_all(s, pattern)

Keep in mind that str_view_all() produces html output on the viewer pane


Thank you so much, FJCC. STRINGR was loaded but when I re-installed it, it seems as though it became unloaded. I didn't see what package str_view_all was a part of in the help documentation (it is there in small italic text), and I assumed it was a part of the htmlwidgets package. I need to remember that all anything that begins with str is a part of the stringr package.

Thank you so much. I hadn't loaded the stringr library, and you figured out my 2nd problem which was my original problem before I uninstalled and re-installed my stringr package.

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