Error in utils::download.file(url, method = method, ...)

I want to run shiny App with following code:

shiny::runGitHub('Migration', 'L-1996-G')

but I have error:

How can solve it?

p.s. I run following example code and it work:

runGitHub("shiny_example", "rstudio")

my app can see here:
GitHub - L-1996-G/Migration: This app allow you to analyse annual report

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

your branch is called main rather than master default so have to attune for that. Also your App.R is in a subdirectory which needs to be specified.

shiny::runGitHub('Migration', 'L-1996-G',ref = "main",subdir = "App/TestApp")

And you would want to change your data URL in your app file to:

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