Error In ValidateCSSUnit - Flexdashboard not always happening...


I have a flexdashboard that I created to provide an overview of the data.

I run the code successfully on my machine, but when I try to apply it to a user account in a server that has the data, I began to get an error. (I was successful in running it on other users without issue)

I've created a very simple dashboard to test if it was the actual data or something missing in terms of packages installed etc.

I created a simple flexdashboard that mimics what I've been trying to do but I'm unsure how to share it here in the forum. Pasting the code with " ``` " doesn't work properly since it messes with the formatting.

One thing I found curious is that I have gauges in these flexdashboards. If I remove them from the code it works and I don't get that error.

Below is what my gauges look like:

gauge(signif(lrd_today_appt_ratio,digits = 2), min = 0, max = 100, symbol = '%', 
  success =  c(0, 25), 
  warning = c(26, 75), 
  danger =c(76, 100)

The puzzling thing is that it works locally on my machine, it works on my user on the server this is meant to go but I get that issue if I try and set this up for another user for that server. If I remove the gauge from the code, it works....

Below is the error message I get.

Does anyone have any insight of what could be the issue?
Would really appreciate the feedback.

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