Error: Installation of TensorFlow not found in RStudio

Tyring to build some neural networks using Keras from the 'Deep Learning with R' book, I keep encountering the same error that TensorFlow has not been found in my RStudio session. Looked up similar problemshoot (Python module tensorflow was not found. (Similar to issue #144)) but it doesn't solve my error.

Trying to execute this code:

model <- keras_model_sequential() %>%
layer_dense(units = 25, input_shape = c(468)) %>%
layer_dense(units = 12, activation = "softmax")

Followed these steps for using the conda environment that already has TensorFlow:

More info using

and library(tensorflow)
sess <- tf$Session()

I don't understand why this is not working. Hopefully somebody can help me out with this!?


I installed Keras/TF on Rstudio Cloud a couple of weeks ago but that is a Linux OS. Still, there is a note in the Keras help about installing on windows that might help:

Keras and TensorFlow will be installed into an "r-tensorflow" virtual or conda environment. Note that "virtualenv" is not available on Windows (as this isn't supported by TensorFlow).

Here is what I used. I used the specific version of Tensorflow that is compatible with the newest keras package.

install_keras(Tensorflow = "1.13.1",
restart_session = FALSE

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the info. I'm thinking about switching o Ubuntu as Linux distribution as OS, but I wonder if there's anything possible on Keras/Tensorflow installation using Windows 10 before making the jump to Ubuntu.

Hopefully anyone has solved this situation using Windows 10!?