Error installing summary tools


I'm trying to install summarytools with some issues. I first got an error when I tried install.packages("summarytools") that asked me to install xQuartz for Mac (I'm on Mac M1) which I did. Now I'm getting this error when I use library:

system might not have X11 capabilities; in case of errors when using dfSummary(), set st_options(use.x11 = FALSE)
Warning message:
In fun(libname, pkgname) : couldn't connect to display ":0"

I've tried installing via GitHub - using some script I found on another forum which also didn't work.
I've also updated to latest silicon version of R and R Studio.

Any suggestions?

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Just a sidenote to say that this is a Warning message (with advice included) and not technically an 'error'

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