Error libiconv-2.dll

Hi there,
When I'm open R-Studio I'm getting error libiconv-2.dll was not found.
After few clicks like that it open. Any idea?

Oded Dror

Hi @odeddror! Welcome!

For problems like this, it's helpful to include some more information on your system setup.

System Information:

  • The output of running RStudio.Version()[-1]
  • The output of running sessionInfo()

Please copy and paste the console output here, then select it and click the little </> button at the top of the posting box to make sure it doesn't get garbled by the forum software.


Depending on your issue, the following may be useful.

For diagnostic reports, crash reports, or log files, you may wind up with output that is too long to paste in here. Please share it somewhere else (Google Drive, GitHub gist, Dropbox, etc) and link to it here.

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