Error message : No stack trace available

Hi all,
I have a some issues in my code when i try to deployed a shiny app in the server rstudioconnect.
I have created a application that execute the rmarkdown code, in local i obtain in ouptut a file pdf. But when i launch my application in the server i got this error message :

06/07 13:45:03.301 (GMT) 
Warning: Error in : `.x` is empty, and no `.init` supplied 

06/07 13:45:03.304 (GMT) 
[No stack trace available] 

I have a config.yml file to address environment variables locally and on the server storage disk

Hi, welcome!

To help us help you, could you please prepare a reproducible example (reprex) illustrating your issue? Please have a look at these resources, to see how to create one for a shiny app

I'm afraid that what you have shared is too specific to your environments and data sources, that I can not simply attempt to reproduce on my setup, so I will leave to someone else to come along. It may be that someone had the same idea as you and had the same error , and would recognise it, so I think there is a chance you might get help.

Otherwise in your shoes, I would add statements to print status of key variables to the log through my app so I can detect the failure points. its not clear what function considers its .x empty, and has no .init for example.