Error message says ggplot2 not recognized

Hello - I'm combining just two months of data to get a feel for using the readr(), bind_rows(), and aes geom_point functions. Got as far as binding rows! But I am repeatedly getting an error message saying the ggplot2 function isn't recognized.

Domain: Posit Cloud

Coding and error message:

ggplot2(combined_df, aes(x = ride_length, y = day_of_week)) +

  • geom_point() +
  • labs(x = "Ride Duration", y = "Day of the Week", title = "What Days Have the Longest Rides?")
    Error in ggplot2(combined_df, aes(x = ride_length, y = day_of_week)) :
    could not find function "ggplot2"

Hi @AT50Plus ,

It's a typo. The library is ggplot2, but the function is ggplot(), not with 2


It will only take it with a 2 in the library() function, but in the syntax below it only works without the 2. Go figure. Thanks for your reply.

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