error message that disappears after closing & opening file

I'm running 2023.06.0 Build 421 on a MacBook Air with M2 chip with Ventura 13.4.1 (c). I've R version: R 4.3.1 GUI 1.79 Big Sur ARM build (8238).

I've a relatively simple code that gives the following message after I make a few changes:

Erros in exists (caheKey, where = .rs.WokdingDataEnv, inherits=FALSE): invalid first argument
Error in assign (cacheKey, frame, .rs.CachedDataEnv): attempt to use zero-length variable name

After closing and reopening Rstudio the same code works just fine.

I appreciate if someone can help me how to fix this issue.

Thanks in advance!

This looks relevant: Error with 'cacheKey' in .rs.WorkingDataEnv and .rs.CachedDataEnv · Issue #13188 · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub

Thank you very much for your response. I've downloaded the latest version, which by the way wasn't available from "Check for update" in RStudio. If I run into more issues, I'll let the community know.
Thanks again!

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