Error message - The previous R session was abnormally terminated due to an unexpected crash.

I get the error message - The previous R session was abnormally terminated due to an unexpected crash - when trying to upload datasets. I have 12 .csv files, totalling almost 1 G. I get a few files uploaded, then get the error message.

The code is:
X202112_divvy_tripdata <- read_csv("202112-divvy-tripdata.csv")

What should I do?

We don't have enough information to know for sure but I guess you are running out of RAM memory. We would need more information to give you any specific advice about how to proceed but in general you can either use a system with more memory (like a cloud computing service) or use an "on-disk" approach with a RDBMS or packages like arrow.

I shouldn't be running out of RAM. It's a new laptop (32GB, 1TB) with only data analytics software on it.

I'm working on the capstone project following the Google Data Analytics Certificate coursework. The dataset is called Case Study 1 - Bikeshare. I need to load 12 .csv or .xsls files to R and go from there. The most I can get loaded before the error message is 9. I'm working in, using Microsoft Edge browser. I had the same problem on my old laptop, using Google Chrome.

I've tried loading using the Import Dataset functions, as well as two ways with code:

x202107<- read_csv("202107-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202108<- read_csv("202108-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202109<- read_csv("202109-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202110<- read_csv("202110-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202111<- read_csv("202111-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202112<- read_csv("202112-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202201<- read_csv("202201-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202202<- read_csv("202202-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202203<- read_csv("202203-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202204<- read_csv("202204-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202205<- read_csv("202205-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202206<- read_csv("202206-divvy-tripdata.csv")


x202107<- fread("202107-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202108<- fread("202108-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202109<- fread("202109-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202110<- fread("202110-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202111<- fread("202111-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202112<- fread("202112-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202201<- fread("202201-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202202<- fread("202202-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202203<- fread("202203-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202204<- fread("202204-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202205<- fread("202205-divvy-tripdata.csv")
x202206<- fread("202206-divvy-tripdata.csv")

I always get the same error message.

What other information do I need to provide? And thank you for your help.

RStudio Cloud runs on cloud servers, not in your local system, so it doesn't matter how much RAM you have installed in your local system. Free RStudio Cloud accounts are limited to 1GB of RAM and paid accounts can increase the memory limit up to 8GB (increasing the rate they consume compute hours).

If you want to use your own computational resources, install the desktop version of RStudio, you can download it from here:

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