Error, missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed

I am using this within a heapsort function, fifth line of the maxheapify function (if statement) is returning an error and I don't know how to fix it.

maxheapify = function(x,i,heapsize){
   ll = 2*i
   rr = ll + 1
   largest = i 
   if ((ll <= heapsize) && (x[ll] > x[i])){
     largest = ll
   if (largest != i){
     x = swap(x,i,largest)
     x = maxheapify(x,largest,heapsize)
 swap = function(x,i,j){
   val = x[i]
   x[i] = x[j]
   x[j] = val

It's not obvious to me what you are trying to do, but I throw a few observations out there.

I'm not sure what inputs you used, so I used maxheapify(1, 2, 4)

In my example run of your code i is a scaler value of 2 and x is 1. so the subsetting (both x[ll] and x[i]) return NA. So the code throws an error.

What inputs were you using? What output were you expecting?

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