ERROR number of observations <= number of random effects lmertest

I would like to test the effect of mean gait speed on stride errors from 2 different sensors (IMUs), such that we obtain a linear slope for the error versus speed for each sensor. In addition, we would like to compare the performance of the 2 sensors, so that we would need to include an interaction effect of speed and type of sensor.

My dataset looks like this:

I have tried running this but it doesn't work and not sure why
rm(list = ls())
exceldata = read_excel("C:\Users\gerar\Desktop\UMASS\M.S THESIS\Results\Stride70errorCombined.xlsx")
dfdata = data.frame(exceldata)

Define IMU and Participant as factors


Fit model. Note:an interaction automatically provides main effects of Speed and IMU

M4 <- lmer(Error ~ Speed*IMU + (0+IMU|Participant),REML=FALSE,data=dfdata)

The error I get when running the M4 command is: Error: number of observations (=35) <= number of random effects (=36) for term (0 + IMU | Participant); the random-effects parameters and the residual variance (or scale parameter) are probably unidentifiable

Any help would be very much appreciated!

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