Error: object '...' not found, it works but i cannot knit it


I have such a problem with a code. Actually it works and I can save every data I need. However, I have to do html file and it has error.

To be honest, I even don't understand what is wrong.

saveData <- function(data) {
  data <-
  if (exists("responses")) {
    responses <<- rbind(responses, data)
  } else {
    responses <<- data

loadData <- function() {
  if (exists("responses")) {
column = c('name_of_book', 'id', 'id_of_book', 'grade_of_user', 'avg_rating', 'not_exist')

# Define the fields we want to save from the form
fields <- c("user_id", "title", "book_id", "rating", "average_rating")

# Shiny app with 3 fields that the user can submit data for
  ui = fluidPage(
    DT::dataTableOutput("responses", width = 500), tags$hr(),
    selectInput("user_id", "Column contains id of users:",

    selectInput("title","Column contains name/ title of a book:", 

      selectInput("book_id", "Column contains  id of books:", 

      selectInput("rating", "Column contains  user reviews grades:",

      selectInput("average_rating:","Column contains average rating:",
  server = function(input, output, session) {
    # Whenever a field is filled, aggregate all form data
    formData <- reactive({
      data <- sapply(fields, function(x) input[[x]])
    # When the Submit button is clicked, save the form data
    observeEvent(input$submit, {
    # Show the previous responses
    # (update with current response when Submit is clicked)
    output$responses <- DT::renderDataTable({

You asked a question about Knitting, so there is an rmarkdown file involved ?
but you shared an interactive shiny app ...
can you explain ?

I'm a rookie in R, so I might mixed all up.
Am I right that it's possible to rum app in Rmarkdown?
Is it possible to make app as html?
An the last question. What is wrong with my code? Why do I have this error?
thank you in advance

its possible to have rmarkdown be a shiny document, but it wouldnt be a full app like you shared the code for
Chapter 19 Shiny Documents | R Markdown: The Definitive Guide (
Its also possible to have an app (like you shared the codefor) that knits out some templated rmarkdown to a file from a button press in the app.

What is wrong with my code?

I see nothing wrong with it, I ran it, pressed submit a few times, it worked without errors

Why do I have this error?

What process do you go through to take the above code and get an error from it ?

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