Error opening R Studio Project: project file doesn't exist

For some reason my project wouldn't open in R Studio and this is the error that I'm getting:

This page keeps getting stuck on an infinite loop. Here's the link to my project: RStudio Cloud. I tried opening it from another RStudio account that I have, and it didn't work there either. I deleted the project and restored, which didn't fix the error. I tried opening it in a private browser (in Microsoft Edge and Safari) and it wouldn't work. I logged out and back in again and that didn't work either. I also cleared my browsers cookies and that didn't work either. I tried to relaunch the project and I get the error: "HTTP 409: Conflicting task in progress." Then the screen becomes stuck on the "preparing project" page.

If any can please help me or post any solutions (besides the ones mentioned above) I would greatly appreciate it.

Is this still happening? I took a look at the project and wasn't able to see anything wrong.


Sorry, for the late reply, but it ended up working the next day! Thanks.

Hi samp, I am having the same problem described by Sokona. Here a screenshot. Is there a way to fix this? I worked on this project about a month ago with no issues. I'm not sure what changed since then. Thank you.


It looks like you ran into a bug in our system that prevents projects from loading if there is a space in the project file name. We are investigating this issue but in the meantime, I have renamed your .Rproj file and replaced the space with an underscore. Your project should be loading fine now.


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