Error publishing a dashboard using flexdashboard on

Hi community.
I've created a dashboard using the flexdashboard package and I want to publish it on The dashboard works fine locally but when I publish it on I keep getting an error. It says:
"Error: An error has ocurred. Check your logs or contact the app author for clarification"

I was able to solve several previous problems following some of the community topics but at this point I don't get what's the problem.

Here's the yaml header:

title: "Contexto Demográfico"
runtime: shiny
    orientation: columns
    vertical_layout: fill
    theme: journal

Anyone can help me?

See the documentation for how to look at your application's logs. Hopefully they will provide some insight.

Hey really thanks, I was able to identify and solve the error with the rsconnect::showLogs() function.

Frankly I still don't understand the problem itself -there was a warning with the dataset- but it works.


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