Error Python module with tensorflow.keras [problem Python version]

When I run a model I have the following message. I think it is due of the Python version 3.6 (need 3.7) that it used from the folder AppData\Local\r-miniconda\envs\r-reticulate. Why it is 3.6 version ? Why it is not the latest version ?

How to solve it ? Can I change the Python version in this folder or is there any way to change the folder where R pick-ups Python ? By example in the folder AppData\Local\r-miniconda I have Python 3.8.dll

Error: Python module tensorflow.keras was not found.

Detected Python configuration:

python:         C:/Users/PC/AppData/Local/r-miniconda/envs/r-reticulate/python.exe
libpython:      C:/Users/PC/AppData/Local/r-miniconda/envs/r-reticulate/python36.dll
pythonhome:     C:/Users/PC/AppData/Local/r-miniconda/envs/r-reticulate
version:        3.6.10 |Anaconda, Inc.| (default, May  7 2020, 19:46:08) [MSC v.1916 64 bit (AMD64)]
Architecture:   64bit
numpy:          C:/Users/PC/AppData/Local/r-miniconda/envs/r-reticulate/Lib/site-packages/numpy
numpy_version:  1.19.1

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