ERROR R script path (/opt/microsoft/rclient/3.4.3/bin/R) is a directory rather than a file;

Please help me with this error

Hi Sahil, welcome!
We don't have enough information to help you, could you explain what are you doing when you get this error message? Which are the steps needed to reproduce your issue?

I was not able to access the rstudio-server IDE.When I logged in it shows that license expired however, its not expired coz I checked the license expiration date is in March.So, when I restarted the server I am able to log in and it is working fine.

When I check the logs it shows the error

ERROR R script path (/opt/microsoft/rclient/3.4.3/bin/R) is a directory rather than a file; LOGGED FROM: bool rstudio::core::r_util::::validateRScriptPath(const std::string&, std::string*) /root/rstudio-pro/src/cpp/core/r_util/REnvironmentPosix.cpp:307

So, I want to know about this error because it never occured in past

Did you check to see if this error is reported correctly? Was your R installation corrupted in such a way that this is now indeed a directory rather than an executable file? (if it is I don't have any idea how this might have occurred)

Yes, this is the directory and there is one R executable file inside R directory. This is the first I faced this issue. I want to know the RCA. Why it didn't happened in past?

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